The boathouse is a gazebo with a pier located on the bank of the lake. There is also a boat and a water bicycle ready for you to use, but you can also just go straight in for a swim. It is particularly lovely to sit in the gazebo in the evenings and enjoy the sunset. There are also lights and equipment for barbecues.

A few words about the lake - Lake Ainja is less than 50 m from the house. You can swim in the lake in summer, skate on it in winter, go fishing or boating. It is truly remarkable how many water lilies there are on the lake in summer.

If you want to go fishing there is a variety of different fish species - pike, perch and roach. There are also other lakes in the vicinity, and we can show them to you upon request. The fish to be found in these include bream, eel and even crayfish. We can provide you with a boat, but we suggest that you bring your own fishing equipment.

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